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Retail Stores and Mixed-Use Structures


large product photo   Midtown Crossing at Turner Park
Omaha, Neb.

This $325 million mixed-use urban development represents a massive transformation with pedestrian-oriented retail and entertainment on the ground level, residential units above, and underground and adjoining parking structures. The development encompasses 15 acres and includes 297 condominium units, 196 apartments, 225,000 ft2 of retail space, and parking for 2900 vehicles. This project is a prime example of using architectural precast to ensure that a project is completed on time and within budget.

Precaster: Enterprise Precast Concrete Inc.
Website: www.enterpriseprecast.com
Architect: Holland Basham Architects
Website: www.hba1.com




large product photo   Mexico City Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Mexico City, Mexico

This 1979 temple’s tilting structure and harsh environmental conditions were the motivation for the complete replacement of all exterior panels and the recycling of the old panels. An extreme logistical challenge, the removal and replacement of the panels had to be performed simultaneously on two opposing walls in an attempt to retain structural balance. Utilizing new lightweight panels, the new exterior brings the building back to its original splendor.

Precaster: Pretecsa S.A. de C.V.
Website: www.pretecsa.com
Architect: Valentiner Crane Brunjes Onyon Architects
Website: www.vcbo.com


Schools (K–12)


large product photo   John Clancy Elementary School for the Arts
Kenner, La.

A portion of the existing school was beyond repair and needed replaced in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Rebuilding needed to be completed as soon as possible and at the least possible cost. Despite being a concrete modular building, the addition is a custom design that offered significant advantages in cost and time savings. The new building adds tremendous value to the community by replacing the dilapidated existing building while fitting in the overall campus.

Precaster: Fibrebond Corp.
Website: www.fibrebond.com
Architect: Burgdahl & Graves A.I.A. Architects
Website: www.burgdahlgraves.com


Schools (K–12)


large product photo   Blue Valley Academy
Overland Park, Kans.

In the summer of 2007, the Blue Valley School District embarked on a crucial renovation project for the Blue Valley Academy high school campus. The team chose precast concrete for its durability and ease of installation, among other attributes.

Precaster: IPC Inc.
Website: www.ipcprecast.com
Architect: Gould Evans Associates
Website: www.gouldevans.com
Architect: HTK Architects
Website: www.htkarchitects.com


Parking Structures (0–999 Cars)


large product photo   Lancaster Newspapers Parking Garage
Lancaster, Pa.

A new parking garage in this historic East Coast city highlights the exceptional versatility of precast concrete. A precast wall system featuring thin brick and bands of cast stone inserts creates an architectural expression perfectly integrated with Lancaster’s existing cityscape.

Precaster: High Concrete Group LLC
Website: www.high.net
Architect: Greenfield Architects Ltd.
Website: www.greenfieldarchitects.net


Parking Structures (1000+ Cars)


large product photo   Whitby GO Station Multi-Level Parking Facility
Whitby, ON, Canada

This four-level parking structure provides an additional 1200 parking spaces for regional transit patrons. Along with the benefits to overall project costs and schedule, the precast concrete structural system can be cost-effectively detailed to accommodate future horizontal additions to the plan area of the parking facility.

Precaster: Pre-Con Inc.
Website: www.precon.ca
Architect: IBI Group
Website: www.ibigroup.com


Stadiums/Arenas/Sports Facilities


large product photo   Indiana University Memorial Stadium North End Zone Addition
Bloomington, Ind.

The North End Zone Facility at Indiana University’s football stadium connects the stadium’s two original sides, transforming the arena into a bowl-like shape and providing additional stadium seating for football fans. The design team used precast panels to help create the style that not only flows with the original stadium but also ties it in with the rest of the campus.

Precaster: Gate Precast Co.
Website: www.gateprecast.com
Architect: Ratio Architects Inc.
Website: www.ratioarchitects.com


Custom Solutions


large product photo   Train Terminal Forum Buenavista
Mexico City, Mexico

In order to reduce the daily required time travel to work centers for more than 700,000 people living north of the city, it was decided to restart the old train infrastructure and the Buenavista Train Terminal would be adapted to the new requirements. Above the terminal, a three-story shopping center was constructed. The precast/prestressed concrete structure proposed for the lower level of the train terminal was selected due to time, cost, and fire-protection requirements.

Precaster: Inpresa
Website: www.inpresa.com
Architect: RTKL Architects
Website: www.rtkl.com


Custom Solutions


large product photo   Lewis and Clark Memorial Tower
Hartford, Ill.

This project is a monument that creates a legacy to mark a historical event in our nation. The all-precast concrete system was chosen over a cast-in-place system because it was more cost effective and reduced construction time for the tower elements. It also provided a very flexible design with good durability for the project.

Precaster: High Concrete Group LLC
Website: www.high.net
Architect: KAI Design & Build
Website: www.kai-db.com


Transportation (Main Span up to 75 ft)


large product photo   Replacement of County Bridge No.330.5
Princeton Township, N.J.

The original structure was a single 70-ft-clear-span by 60-ft-wide bridge, which carries two lanes of traffic over a local brook. One of the design goals was to retain the architectural characteristics of the original bridge. Hence, prestressed concrete beams with an arch shape were proposed to imitate the original aesthetic feature.

Precaster: Precast Systems
Website: www.precastsystemsinc.com
Engineer: IH Engineers P.C.
Website: www.ihengineers.com


Transportation (Main Span more than 150 ft)


large product photo   I-95/I-295 North Interchange Ramp SE Flyover Bridge
Jacksonville, Fla.

The new third-level flyover bridge carries ramp traffic from the southbound interstate to the eastbound state road. The new ramp bridge rises above the interstate and existing ramps to become the third-level structure in the interchange. The precast segmental box girder was selected because it provided the most cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing structure for the project.

Architect: PB Americas Inc.
Website: www.pbworld.com


Transportation (Special Solutions)


large product photo   Route 31 Bridge over Canandaiga Outlet
Lyons, N.Y.

The first precast concrete deck bulb-tee superstructure in the state of New York was completed in August 2009. This is an excellent example of the use of precast concrete components along with field-cast UHPC joints for accelerated bridge construction with no adverse effects in cost or durability. In fact, the durability will be enhanced by the use of precast, prestressed components and extremely durable, crack-resistant, and leakproof UHPC joints.

Precaster: Northeast Prestressed Products LLC
Website: www.nppbeams.com
Engineer: New York State Department of Transportation
Website: www.nysdot.gov


Sustainable Design


large product photo   Missoula Federal Credit Union Russell Street Branch
Missoula, Mont.

This project consists of a new credit union branch, including drive-up tellers, lobby, conference room, offices, and associated site development. This is the first building in the world with all concrete made of 100% recycled content. Site-cast footings, foundation walls, floor slabs, precast beams, exterior wall panels, coping, sills, and lintels all use a "concrete" mixture that utilizes 100% fly ash (a waste product of coal-fired power plants) and recycled glass aggregate.

Precaster: Missoula Concrete Construction
Website: www.missoulaconcrete.com
Architect: MacArthur, Means & Wells, Architects
Website: www.mmwarchitects.com


All-Precast Solution


large product photo   Calgary International Airport Parkade P2 and Departures Roadway Extension
Calgary, AB, Canada

To keep pace with rapidly increasing passenger volumes at this international airport, a second large parking structure and elevated roadway extension has just been completed. A total precast concrete structure was selected based on proven superior quality control and durability in a harsh climate, cost effectiveness, and the rapid production and erection times achievable to suit the fast-track project schedule.

Precaster: Armtec
Website: www.armtec.com
Architect: Gibbs Gage Architects
Website: www.gibbsgage.com

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